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Bearing Life Map

This helpful guide can be used to find out the average life of a BNL bearing if you know the required speed of operation and load for your application.

BNL Plastic Bearing Life Map

Load, Speed & Environment

The life of a bearing is affected by its environment, the load it must carry, the speed it operates at, plus how much these vary across its service life. A plastic bearing can carry heavy loads, reach high speeds and is suitable for many specialist and severe environments. Where a bearing application is exposed to extremes of all three factors, potential life can be affected. In this instance, our expert team can advise on choosing an appropriate bearing to meet your requirements.

Plastic Bearings – Load, Speed & Environment


Made of thermoplastic materials, BNL bearings are all lightweight, have low inertia, are water-resistant, nonmagnetic and need no lubrication. We use a range of materials to meet a variety of application requirements, from room temperature operation and immersion in water, to high operating temperatures and significant chemical exposure.

BNL Plastic Bearings Material Choice

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