More than just a bearing

Experts in plastic bearing solutions


BNL is the world leader in integrated plastic bearing solutions.

We are experts in combining product features and adding value to give our customers a competitive advantage.

With over 45 years of bearing innovation and expertise in our portfolio, we offer expert product development support, high quality design and manufacture, plus the benefit of knowledge gained over decades of plastic bearing design.

What We Do

We add value to our customers’ products by integrating our bearings into a component or assembled product to save space, weight, assembly time and parts costs, whilst increasing performance, efficiency and even the longevity of the product.

We design and manufacture high-quality, molded plastic bearing solutions and support our customers globally with design and manufacturing sites around the world.


We provide engineered solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and market leading companies for a variety of applications. Our customer base includes some of the world’s largest and well-known brands and our bearings are supplied for manufacture in globally respected products. The following industries and applications are some of those that benefit from BNL’s bearing technology:

ATMs & Cash Dispensing Equipment – Automotive Instrumentation – Automotive Steering Columns – Dishwashers – Poultry Processing – Mail Handling – CCTV – LCD Manufacture – Medical Equipment – Swimming Pool Cleaners – Conveyor Systems – Showers & Spas – Ticketing & Kiosks – Satellite Antennae – Roof Ventilation – Vacuum Cleaners


We employ dedicated and established teams in Engineering, R&D, Production and Sales, who possess unparalleled knowledge and experience of plastic bearing design and manufacture, obtained over more than 40 years.

Partnership with our customers is important to us. We have skilled teams in place across the globe to ensure our customers are supported wherever they are. Our engineering and production teams work in collaboration with our customers to build close relationships and enhance the product development process.

Innovation Through Collaboration

More than just a bearing, our engineered solutions integrate multiple components and functions into a single molded part to reduce production steps, decrease weight, improve performance and extend product life.

Every issue that was thrown at you was met with a drive and determination to get a solution that met the specifications. Sometimes our expectations on our suppliers can be tough but this is only down to our desire to deliver a quality product. With your help and support we delivered on this one. Thank you for the excellent support that BNL have given during this product development and launch.

Global Mechanical Director, Automotive Tier 1 Interior Manufacturer

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